Wednesday, April 27, 2011


is a ghost town in southern Namibia, a few kilometres inland from the port of Lüderitz. In 1908,
Lüderitz was plunged into diamond fever and people rushed into the Namib desert hoping to make an easy fortune. Within two years, a town, complete with a casino, school, hospital and exclusive residential buildings, was established in the barren sandy desert.

But shortly after the drop in diamond sales after the First World War, the beginning of the end started. During the 1950’s the town was deserted and the dunes began to reclaim what was always theirs.

The Lions Mane Jellyfish

Monday, April 18, 2011


“Empailles” (Straw man) wearing a costume made of a jute bag stuffed with straw and scary mask walk through the streets of Evolene during a traditional carnival procession March 6, 2011. “Empailles” along with “Peluche” who wear costumes made of animal skins and masks invade the streets of the village and scare residents with their broomsticks or their bells during carnival.