Saturday, December 15, 2007

We miss the Mike Hinge Expierience.


Earlier this month, artist Mike Hinge died in his Philidelphia-area apartment. The New Zealand-born artist made Manhattan his home in 1966 and was a part of the science fiction and comics scene for the next few decades. He produced covers and interiors for numerous SF magazines and for mainstream venues, including several TIME covers. In the early 1970s, SUPERGRAPHICS published a collection of his techno-oriented work titled THE MIKE HINGE EXPERIENCE.

Mr. Hinge's super-detailed and elaborate art style predated the digital illustration revolution and many of the artist's works foreshadowed the coming elegance and intricacy of computer art. In later years, PC technology caught up with him. According to friend Sanford Meschkow, "Sadly, the computer revolution in graphics in the 1990s was the effective cause of the early end of Mike's professional career."

Among Mr. Hinge's last professional commissions was a cover for the large-format revival of AMAZING magazine in 1993."

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