Sunday, January 13, 2008

Dr. Sidney Schaefer where are you when we need you? -The president's analyst.

Mr President, for the love of creation (ooh sorry, bad pun) please just lay on the sofa...
"Dr. Sidney Schaefer (James Coburn), a psychiatrist, is chosen by the U.S. Government to act as the President’s top-secret personal psychoanalyst, against the advice of Henry Lux, the director of the all-male-under-5'6" Federal Bureau of Regulation (FBR). Dr. Schaefer is given a home in affluent Georgetown and assigned a comfortable office connected to the White House by underground tunnel. From these locations he is to be on-call at any/all hours to fit the President's hectic schedule. However, the President's Analyst has one problem: there is no one he can talk to about the president's ultra-top-secret and personal problems. As he steadily becomes overwhelmed by stress, Schaefer begins to feel that he is being watched everywhere (which is actually true) until he becomes clinically paranoid; he even suspects his sweet girlfriend Nan (Joan Delaney) of spying on him, which she is, as an agent of the Central Enquiries Agency (CEA).

The doctor is in..the house!

Schaefer goes on the lam with the help of a typical American family who defend him against foreign agents attempting to kidnap him off the streets. He escapes with the help of a hippie tribe led by the "Old Wrangler" (Barry McGuire), as spies from all over the world attempt to kidnap him for the secret information the President has confided to him. Meanwhile, agents from the FBR seek him out on orders to liquidate him as a national security risk. Eventually he is found and kidnapped by Canadian Secret Service agents masquerading as a British pop group. Schaefer is rescued from the Canadians and an FBR assassin by Kropotkin (Severn Darden), a KGB agent who intends to spirit him away to Russia. Kropotkin has second thoughts about his plan following a psychoanalysis session with the Doctor during which Kropotkin begins to come to terms with his unrealized hatred of his KGB-chief father. Now feeling he needs the good doctor's help to continue his self-analysis he instead returns him to U.S. soil.

Kropotkin arranges a pickup with his trusted CEA colleague Don Masters (Godfrey Cambridge), the CEA assassin who vetted Dr. Schaefer while undergoing psychoanalysis, but Schaeffer is kidnapped again — this time by TPC, otherwise known as The Phone Company. Masters and Kropotkin use their super-spy abilities to come to Schaefer's rescue, and help him to foil a TPC plan to enslave the human race. They emerge victorious from the ensuing bloodbath but, months later, as Dr. Schaefer and his spy friends are enjoying a Christmas reunion, robot executives from TPC look on approvingly."

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