Sunday, September 14, 2008

Our favorite hero: The Huntsman.

what if they found another hero?-the Huntsman.

"A good guess at what Robin Hood would be like if portrayed by Charlton Heston; he can never find enough crime to fight and secretly suspects that the police are hiding crimes from him because they don't trust him. He was once a hunter called Marty Feeb, who saved an elf from a crow, and the elf rewarded him with a magic sack of corn, which granted him strength, speed, and shiny teeth. He also has a brother called Hector Feeb, who he claims lives in a townhouse. He can be summoned by blowing into the Horn of Urgency, and his battle cry is "Into action!". Possibly a parody of comic character Green Arrow. His trademark phrase is "Darn, the luck, darn!".

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