Thursday, November 6, 2008

Books You Haven't Read But Should: The Cosmic Rape by Theodore Sturgeon


The Cosmic Rape is a science fiction novel by Theodore Sturgeon, originally published as an original paperback in August 1958. At the same time, a condensed or edited-down version of the novel was published in Galaxy magazine as a short novel, probably condensed by the editor, under the title To Marry Medusa.

Its plot concerns an extraterrestrial hive mind named Medusa, which has assimilated many worlds and life forms and plans to absorb Earth as well. Dan Gurlick is an alcoholic who unknowingly ingests a spore from Medusa, and turns him into a host.


Carolina said...

Theodore Sturgeon is a great author! Thanks for the recommendation! I really like your blog and trust your criterion, so i'm definetely in for the cosmic rape (a sorry choice of words, granted).

M.Christian said...

Thanks so much -- I'm so glad you like the blog! The book is fantastic ... one of my favorites.