Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ambrose Bierce: HERMIT, a person whose vices and follies are not sociable


The Hermit's Cave, situated on Scenic Hill on the outskirts of the town of Griffith, New South Wales, Australia, is in fact a complex of stone structures covering an area of 16 hectares.

These structures include shelters, terraced gardens, water cisterns, dry-stone walling and linking bridges, stairways and paths that stretch intermittently across more than a kilometre of the escarpment. The complete structure and landscape was created single-handedly by reclusive Italian migrant Valerio Ricetti who made this place his home between about 1929 and 1952 during that time creating his own private "utopia" using the natural landscape and materials found in the area.

The site is recognised for being a rare example of an Australian hermit's domain and is listed on the New South Wales State Heritage Register.

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