Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Cat Came Back -


M. Chat (also known as Monsieur Chat and Mr Chat) is the name of a graffiti cat that originally appeared in Orléans, France in 1997. The graffiti appeared most frequently on chimneys, but was also sighted in other places, such as train platforms and at political rallies. The artist was originally anonymous, but in 2007 Thoma Vuille was caught in the act of creating the cat.

The yellow cartoon cat is characterized by its large Cheshire Cat grin. The cat is most often portrayed in a running pose, but has also been variously depicted waving signal flags, bouncing on a ball, sporting angel wings, and waving in greeting at the entrance to a train station. It is sometimes accompanied by the tag "M. Chat" in small letters.

A 2004 documentary, Chats Perchés (The Case of the Grinning Cat), by film maker Chris Marker, used the phenomenon of M. Chat's appearance across France as a springboard for a reflection on the state of the country post-9/11

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