Sunday, April 8, 2012


SCP-261 appears to be a large black vending machine with no glass panel and a keypad on the right side. It was found Yokohama, Japan and its origins are unknown. When money is placed into SCP-261 and a three-digit number is entered on the keypad, SCP-261 will vend a random item. The number entered on the keypad has no effect on the item vended, nor has any pattern been detected. Items are always some form of “snack food,” and typically have bright, attention-grabbing packaging. If SCP-261 is used several times in a short period of time, is used while not powered, and/or large amounts of money are entered before an item is vended, SCP-261 will start to dispense bizarre items. While still “food”, their suitability for human consumption is often non-existent. A full log of objects vended can be found here.

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Every college campus needs one these babies.