Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Sand Museum in Tottori

The Sand Museum in Tottori: panorama by Kengo Shimizu

The Sand Musuem opened in 2006 near Tottori Sand Dunes.In the exhibition room are sand statues made by leading sand sculptors among the world such as Nicola Wood, Baldrick Buckle, Iliya Filimontsev, Alexey Shchitov and more.The sand statues you are seeing in this panorama is the 5th exhibition whose theme is the Great Britain. They change the display every year.They did not use any kind of adhesive bond to create these statues.Mold form was built around the display area, and tons of sand and water were poured into the mold. Then the sand was rammed down and dried. The artists sculpt the compressed sand into these exquisite statues.

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