Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Truque-Ing Along!

Some of you know my wonderful brother through his fantastic Ride the Machine blog ... as well as his posts to Meine Kleine Fabrik here.

Well, my bro just began not just a cool new blog - dedicated to trucks - but he's also now The Man With The Unmarked Van: an experienced, dependable, reliable, steadfast, consistent, trustworthy fellow ... for everything from hauling and transport, light electrical, small appliance repair; painting, staining, patinas, finishes, textures; home, garage, and small business organization; automotive and industrial cleaning; automotive detailing; light gardening; and much, much more... 

...in other words if you need it done (and if you live in the San Francisco Bay Area) then The Man With The Unmarked Van is the man for the job!

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