Wednesday, August 1, 2007

One of Our Favorite Heroes: Rollerman

From Outside Online:
Frenchman Jean-Yves Blondeau first conceived of his plastic Buggy Rollin' suit in 1994, while he was a student at Olivier de Serres design school, in Paris. But the invention, which allows a wearer to top 60 miles per hour while maintaining any position found in the Kama Sutra, didn't exactly catch fire with consumers. Not one to give up, Blondeau recently refined the suit to a stripped-down 31-wheel version and developed his own playbook of moves, like the Zaphial (rolling flat on your back with all four limbs pointed straight up) and the Smooth Buggy Dog (three limbs on the ground and one rolling along a wall). So will Buggy Rollin' go big? We're not investing. The suits cost $3,800 each. And it's called "Buggy Rollin'."
We respectfully disagree with Outside Online. Give me a Buggy Rollin' suit, a stretch of road, and a star to sail by ....

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