Monday, August 20, 2007

One of Our Favortite Heroes: Gekko Kamen-The Moonlight Mask.


"Moonlight Mask set the standard as Japan's first live-action TV superhero, and was a huge success with children. Television was already new in Japan, so many children that didn't have a TV set were gathered around to watch it at a friend or neighbor's house. Children also bought toy capes, sunglasses, masks and pistols and played Moonlight Mask in schoolyards and backyards (but as with every children's superhero, Japanese or American, Moonlight Mask was not without liability casualties....

A silent statue of the famous "Lover of Justice"..watching over the children who loved him and who where maimed in his name. is the case with every superhero idolized by children, children themselves become victims of the many liability issues surrounding them (ie. imitating the hero's dangerous & impossible feats such as leaping from trains and helicopers, and riding a motorcycle while shooting guns with both hands), and Moonlight Mask was no exception. Because of the many concerns over children imitating Moonlight Mask's dangerous stunts, the show was unfortunately cancelled on July 5, 1959, after the end of the final story arc."

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