Monday, September 10, 2007

Ah the romance of the open lanes: the electric milk float.

Can it be? yes it is! A rare Ross float in the Bates dairy fleet #SFY 74K. It displays the more common design of front dash panel. It is pictured here on Scarisbrick New Road on its regular round. I do not know why careless milkmen who leave thier racy floats alone, sureley they would be stolen in a heartbeat by speed crazed lactose-intolerant kids.

Here's something the weeds at Jalopnik are sure to never mention. ladies and gentlemen of the motoring world-I bring you the Milk Float: The king of the lane, the hauler of the highway-or in my local circles-"the curd curb king". Ah the glories of my all to short youth. While my fellow schoolmates would tremble at the thought of the mainline steam engine screaming through the station, or rush to the window of our towns local Triumph agency to drool over the newest racy and shiny models I would spend my glorious gray and dour early mornings chasing the dreamy (and creamy!) milkfloats.

The crown jewel of any sane persons milkfloat dream fleet: # SOG 148 a 20cwt Morrison D1 first registered in 1955/6 and pictured when new. These vehicles were rebodied twice, to the style carried by OVP 195G and later with the M&M body. (Photo posted to the Milko group by Paul Brady)...but of course I do not have to tell you this,...its all so obvious.

Is there a tear in your eye?, do not be ashamed for there is one in mine as I write this. Let us go into our collective attics and find our milkfloat spotters guides, our notepads filled with our local milkfloat plate numbers and our "childs first book of milk orders".

...One yogurt, one cream, and two large frosty ones of the white stuff- the cookies are on me.

What man would want a Bugatti after getting his eyes on this stunning Wales and Edwards 3-wheeler? Unigate's WXR 729 (fleet number 94/267 naturally) dates from 1959. It is pictured on sunny scenic Woodbridge Road, in Guildford in 1981. Photo by Peter Relf.

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Avi Abrams said...

O my, and I spent my years not even knowing about these...