Thursday, October 11, 2007

One of Our Favorite Heroes ... sort of: Gorodish

Gorodish: Some get high on airplane glue... detergents... fancy gimmicks. My satori is this: Zen in the art of buttering bread!

One of our favorite films (to be featured later) is Jean-Jacques Beineix's pure 80's style (and substance) fest Diva. The film is wonderful on many levels not least of which is the auditory magnificence of Wilhelmenia Wiggins Fernandez as the titular Diva Cynthia Hawkins.

But one of our favorite characters in Diva is Gorodish (played with pure Parisian cool by Richard Bohringer). One of the two main characters in Daniel Odier's book series (as Delacorta) - the other the perpetual Lolita of Alba - Gorodish is a existential con-man, crook, and sort-of hero who finds zen in the art of buttering bread, patiently assembles a giant jigsaw, and who creates and executes plans without lifting an eyebrow.

Did we also mention that he drives a Traction Avant?

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