Friday, November 30, 2007

Our Favorite comics: Gilbert Shelton's Advanced motoring tips.

While most fans of Gilbert Shelton's brilliant work are aware more of his well known comix creations such as the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, Wonder Wart-Hog and Fat Freddy's Cat we remember his one page series of Advanced Motoring tips. An obvious motorhead (with an deep and perhaps obscene love of the Citroen 2CV) Shelton's superb illustrations captured my young soon-to-be-roadworthy heart and changed the way I saw cars. driving, and thinking....(if indeed for the better will be determined by my local traffic courts at a yet to be released date)


Kit O'Connell said...

It is always nice to see Shelton honored, regardless of which of his wonderful creations it is.

Anonymous said...

how can I get in touch with Mr G.Shelton...His email?

zqz479 said...

I've seen his other work, but this is new to me.
They're great!