Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Shameful Bit of Shameless Self Promotion

Please stand by while we momentarily divert you from the whimsy and eccentric trivialities that is Meine Kleine Fabrik to tell you a bit about what playful skullduggeries its purveyors have been up to.

S.A., in addition to his superb posting here at MFK, is the owner/operator of the two-wheeled, asphalt-blackening, tire-screeching, engine bellowing, but remarkably distinguished, erudite, and cultured blog The (New) Café Racer Society. He is also a star contributor to the bike site, the recently launched Hell For Leather.

M.Christian, aside from his metzo-metzo postings here at MKF hasn’t really been up to much of anything. Oh, sure, there’s the smut stuff he does for the NSFW blog Frequently Felt, and there’s the little matter of a new novel, Me2, that was just released. But aside from that he just twiddles his thumbs all day.

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