Sunday, April 20, 2008

Are You ... You?

If you're really curious - and not at all squeamish - check out a little piece on parasites that control the behavior of their hosts up on the always wonderful Dark Roasted Blend.

Here's a taste:
So far you lucky readers - if that’s really what you are - have been treated to lost nuclear hardware, misplaced biological weapons, an 18th century spiritualist and his clockwork "God", and recently, creatures great and small (mostly small) that can kill you faster than you can read this sentence - even if you’re a slow reader.

But there’s an even more terrifying, creepy, freaky, disturbing subject we haven’t talked about yet: one that can make even the heartiest, stone-stomached of you clutch your tail-wagging doggies and purring kitties while rocking back and forth mumbling "nature is good, nature is good, nature is good …"

As you’ll soon read, however, even your loving pets can't save you from the nightmare that is, more than likely, with you already.

Or, to be precise, living inside you already: parasites.

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