Sunday, April 13, 2008

One of Our Favorite Heroes: The Heckler

From Wikipedia:

The Heckler is a fictional character, a superhero satire published by DC Comics'. He first appeared in The Heckler #1 (cover-dated September 1992) and starred in an on-going series that lasted 6 issues, ending with The Heckler #6 (cover-dated February 1993)


Stuart "Stu" Moseley, co-owner of "Eats", a skid row diner in the ghetto section of Delta City, fights the injustices and slightly goofy criminal element as The Heckler, armed only with his sarcastic wit and a brightly colored costume. Stu's motivations and origins are unknown. Possibly he's just a glutton for punishment, for it seems that he receives no respect from his contemporaries in either his civilian or costumed alter ego's existence.

The best way to describe the Heckler is that he might possibly be the equivalent of Bugs Bunny in the DC Universe, i.e., a wise-acre who seemingly possesses the amazing ability to scrape through any situation on his wits, constantly leaving anyone who opposes him the "butt" of the joke.

Powers and abilities:

A costumed fighter with only average strength and agility, Stu relies heavily on his razor sharp wit to enrage and baffle his adversaries to the point of blinding frustration, opening a window of opportunity that he will exploit to his benefit. The Heckler also possesses an immeasurable level of durability that frequently allows him to quickly recover from extreme amounts of physical damage. Being swallowed whole by a monstrous beast, or falling to the earth from staggering heights only to bounce back minutes later speaks mildly of The Hecklers inability to sustain damage. This one, and only ability, sometimes teeters on the edge of invulnerability.

Supporting cast:

Unnamed Assistant- Stu's buddy and the only person that's in on his Heckler alter-ego. Seemingly mentally challenged (evident in his apparent inability to spell), yet provides Stu with much needed computer files and other various forms of information.

Fran├žois- Stu's slightly anal-retentive and obsessive head cook at "Eats"

Mr. Dude- One of the patrons of "Eats". Sometimes provides Stu with information on underworld activities. Could possibly be Elvis Presley under an assumed identity (not enough evidence to make proper conclusion).

X-Ms.- One of the Heckler's superheroic peers in Delta City. X-Ms. defends the Christmas-themed section of Delta City called "Tinseltown."


Boss Glitter- Incredibly dainty and theatrical mob boss of Delta City. Has a penchant for elaborate masks and frilly clothes.

P.C. Rabid- Ultra-conservative media celebrity. Constantly instigating plans that present imagery used as an attempt to demonize the Heckler.

Bushwack'r- Bounty hunter who attempts to collect a price placed on the Heckler's head. A victim of his own constant bad luck, as his weapons and actions keep misfiring and injuring only himself. The character is clearly a parody of the Coyote in cartoons, forming elaborate traps that backfire. In one panel of the issue, the biography of Chuck Jones is prominent.

El Gusano- Assassin hired by Boss Glitter that resembles a large earthworm dressed in a snappy dress suit. Seems to be Latin in origin.

John Doe, The Generic Man- A complete blank slate. Attempted to take over Delta City by using his ability to rob his environment (including all inanimate objects and persons in the surrounding vicinity) of any of its individual characteristics.

The Cosmic Clown- An android assassin from the stars. Humanoid, dresses like a clown.

C'est Hay- Psychopathic killer composed completely of hay and/or straw. Resembles a scarecrow. Has delusions of being an actor, speaks in stilted tongue, as if emoting dialogue…that is when he's not singing and dancing.

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