Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Some of Our Favorite Heroes: The Mecha of Project Livewire


Livewires is a six issue comic book limited series published by Marvel Comics in 2005. The series is written by Adam Warren, who also provided layouts, and pencilled by Rick Mays.

The series stars a group of fictional androids who are members of a covert black ops program code named Project Livewire. These androids are on a mission to seek out and destroy other black ops.

  • Cornfed looks like a big farm boy, and seems to be the team's muscle, but he is actually in charge of all mechanical repairs. He can usually be found behind the scenes giving support and coordinating the team's missions.
  • Gothic Lolita is the actual muscle even though she does not look the part. Social Butterfly used the term "Ben Grimm in black baby doll lace" to describe Gothic Lolita. Her code-name and look are both in reference to the Gothic Lolita style of dress popular in Japan. Gothic Lolita herself has described her role as "smashing and bashing duty."
  • Hollowpoint Ninja is the team's infiltration agent. His description of his role is short, but to the point, "stealth, weapons, ambushes."
  • Social Butterfly's role is to extract information from individuals. She uses a variety of means to achieve this purpose. These include micromanagement of her facial expressions and body language; subliminal vocal clues; artificial pheromones; and force field induced direct brain manipulation.
  • Stem Cell is the tech specialist. She has a nanofactory where a human stomach would be. This is used by her to quickly manufacture any bit of technology that her teammates might need.
  • Homebrew was the team's tech specialist before Stem Cell. He was killed just before the beginning of Livewires #1.
  • David Jenkins is the main supporting character. Throughout the series Stem Cell is educated in her abilities by her teammates through the use of their memory archives. Jenkins is featured in most of these. Apart from being the main person behind the construction and programming of Project Livewire's androids, Jenkins is also shown to be chiefly responsible for their education and training. He was a father figure of sorts to them.

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Social butterfly's artificial pheromones may be a reality. I was just reading this site but I have no idea if it is just marketing or truth.