Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Calvin Trillin and his beautiful spot.

From (don't hate me) USA Today

As a young writer for Time in 1962, Trillin and some friends joked about starting Beautiful Spot: A Magazine of Parking. After Art Buchwald mentioned the idea in his column, Trillin says, "We were embarrassed. We decided we'd better put out a magazine."
The first issue, six typewritten, mimeographed pages, appeared in March 1962. (The main story complained about the number of parking spots lost to fire hydrants.) It sold for 25 cents, brought in $17 and, "to set an example for publishers, we spent all the profits on a staff party."
And that was the only issue of the magazine? "Well, put it this way," Trillin says, "the second issue hasn't come out yet." He blames "production difficulties," which, as he puts it, "tend to snowball."
All I know is I really want nay, must to find a copy, and frankly think its time A Beautiful Spot's time to rise again is in this decade. I think I 'll try to contact Calvin and then get back to us.

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