Thursday, April 26, 2007

A grand guy, Sir Guy Grand (additional)

s.a. might have beaten me to the Grand punch with his post, but I have something else to share about The Magic Christian and our favorite Grand Guy, Sir Guy Grand:

The Magic Christian fund was set up by Terry Southern's brother, Niles:
Founded on the third anniversary of Terry Southern's death, this fund has very high aesthetic yields, facilitated by the high mind-share of its primary concepts. Many of these projects have the brand name value-added of both Grand Guy Grand, internationally recognized prankster, and Terry Southern, author of the film Dr. Strangelove and an official Library of Congress National Treasure. As Magic Christian Fund Manager Nile Southern writes, "When contextually appropriate, we will post episodes from The Magic Christian (1957) fit for enactment against today's corporate power-elite who currently indoctrinate the masses into their arbitrary systems of consumption-driven power and control."
Some of the tasks the fund supports are:

"Major radio stations and department stores only play and sell censored music. An alternative to this is a CD containing 'Inverse Radio Remixes': songs with all lyrics removed except those removed from censored radio remixes. The listener hears just the music track punctuated by the occasional 'that's bullshit' or 'so he shoots up his school.' Investment needed to press the already created remix CD for placement on store shelves." "A urinalysis lab worker should save and return as 'corporate property' all tested urine of new hires in a mass mailing to the CEO of a major corporation. The return of urine to its 'rightful owners' should be made into a highly visible press event."

"Rent a neighborhood grocery store that is going out of business, and offer to purchase his remaining goods and clear out his store for him. Announce 'New Owner--New Policy--Big Get Acquainted sale' and sell everything at ridiculous prices: six pack of Coke for a quarter, dozen eggs or loaf of bread for a dime, etc. Give advance notice to the media, as the store will be cleaned out within a few hours. Switch signs--'Moved To New Location'--and repeat."

"Switch the voice recordings in the animatronic American history figures at Disney's EPCOT center. The new recordings should reveal the not-so-self-evident truths about these 'forefathers,' such as their slave ownership, hemp growing, elections fixing, etc."

"Create a social movement whose ultimate goal it will be to manifest, through the power of popular will, genital warts on George W. Bush. The would-be president will be infected with this unpleasant condition through mass mailings, a web site, and the creation of art depicting Bush with the condition. In this age of plutocracy our aim is to point out the uselessness of the voting booth in actualizing real, material changes, and to explore new possibilities for democracy."

"Rent two top floor rooms each in three Times Square hotels on a busy weekend night at the height of tourist season in New York. From the hotel windows, hang giant banners which read: 'New York welcomes Saddam Hussein'. The banner must display prominently several logos of large companies or municipal entities. Alternatives would be to rent a plane trailing a similar banner, lay down an enormous Welcome Saddam doormat which could be unfurled next to football stadia (where the news helicopter could see it), project the image on the moon or on huge white buildings, etc."
Bravo, Niles, for applauding Terry's Grand spirit ....
"Ladies and gentlemen, this is what is commonly known as money. It comes in all sizes, colours, and denominations - like people. We'll be using quite a bit of it in the next two hours... luckily I have enough for ALL of us."

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