Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Gypsy girl that stole my heart: The Romany Vardo

"Caravans have only been used by Gypsies for 150 years. Before that time, they walked on foot, used carts to convey their possessions, and slept in tents. Wagons built to live in developed about 1810 in France and were soon used in England by showmen travelling between fairs and with circuses. Gypsies only began living in them about 1850. They called their home a 'vardo', and it became their most prized possession."

I do not ask for much, just a Vardo, a small plot of land to park her on (ideally in San Francisco Gold Gate park,or overlooking Tokyo,..maybe Paris) and a 51 Dodge business coupe to drag her around so I can follow the sun. A barefoot Gypsy girl would be nice,..but I do not want to be to greedy,...yes its a silly dream, but its mine.

But there is hope for romantic dreamer you can buy new Caravans from The Gypsy Caravan Company If thats too large for your small dreams, there is the brilliant childs caravan From Lavenders Blue seen below:

If you perfer nitromethane instead of strong Romany coffee lets not forget John Bogosian's AMT model.

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