Wednesday, February 7, 2007

The Shipyard

The Shipyard is a collaborative build space in Berkeley, California for large-scale mechanical, kinetic and electronic artwork. With 27 shipping containers arrayed around the perimenter of a 11,000 sq ft outdoor lot, the Shipyard provides a flexible space to create ambitious large-scale art and technology projects- projects that are often difficult to realize in typical indoor warehouse spaces.

Each citizen of The Shipyard has his/her own shipping container(s) where then can store materials and/or set up small shops and studios. The large center open air courtyard is a shared space where people can spread out temporarily when working on bigger efforts. This combination of small dedicated shop areas with a large shared space gives everyone acess to significant acreage to build, while at the same time maintaining their core resources in personally controlled work spaces. Yes, we are all over 30 now and can no longer deal with the chaos of fully communal shop spaces.

The Shipyard also hosts a monthly event series focussed on Art and Technology type things. In need of building space for your latest impossible idea? The Shipyard offers a residency program called The Shipyard Rocket-Scientist-in-Residence. These residencies offer free yard and container use for three months, as well as tech and creative consulting from all of us (for better or worse). We offer between 1 and 3 residencies a year, depending on how well we like the proposals we get.

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