Friday, February 2, 2007


My personal litmus test for fully delveloped human beings is a simple one. I merely say the name "Mr Hulot" and if the reaction is of a warm smile and a deep sigh with the full knowledge of what a true genuis is, I let them in and we have a nice coffee. But if they have a blank, clueless stare, or worse- a smug cinema geek affect with a mock understanding of what the world is like with the work of Hulots creator-The French filmaker Jaques Tati-within it, then I sadly cut their line and and let them drift back into the world of nothingness and despair.

But worry not, there is still time for you go to Spend some time there. Listen to the music, have a bite to eat, go to the seaside, or maybe see your reflection in a skyscrapers ground floor window-go now. I'll wait for you at the end of the beach, you'll recongnize me by my pipe and anorak.

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