Saturday, February 3, 2007

Never Forget

Somewhere in the rail yards of Erwin, Tennessee the bones of Big Mary rest -- a sore point for the little town, a part of it’s history the residents would rather soon forget. But for Mary, wherever she is now, there is a certainty, an absolute that is definite despite all conjecture and oral history: Big Mary will never, ever forget ....

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A.F. Waddell said...

Dear M. Christian,
What a vivid, powerful piece. The timing is funny --- I just happened to be reading more nonfiction about elephants ( I've loved elephants forever) and re-read Mary's story --- then came across your piece "Never Forget" at the new blog!

When I read about circus trainers, my blood boils. At least there is more regulation now --- and more animal reserves to help heal the abused. Still that does not address the massive amount of abuse, the desocialization of elephants. I was just reading that in Africa, South Asia, India --- in parts where the ivory trade is heavy ---there are now elephant gangs, rogue males who have lost their parents and herds --- who terrorize villages. Yet when thay are reunited with adult bull elephants they become somewhat resocialized.

Great idea for a story, well executed!

I hope that Mary DOES haunt Erwin TN !

Groovy blog . . .
A.F. Waddell